William Lamont Robinson

Creative Professional

Who Is?

Muhammad Hasan Rahmatullah is a creative professional and top-level designer (Aesthetics). Known professionally as William Lamont Robinson. He is known for his innovative problem solving ability, design approach and practical outside the box mentality. He has worked on a wide range of projects, including album covers, magazine layouts, branding, websites, and commercial materials. He has a proven success record and is a respected American independent.

I’m a music producer, author, and coder. Additionally, I create fine art as Hādin (HA). Specializing in creating innovative physical and digital solutions for businesses and individuals alike. As the sole proprietor and principal of AUX Digital Network (ADN), I launched FKACO, Audio Documents (Audocs), Footprints Catalog, Urban Sufi Music - Sesac, DNLD and Pleasure Mine Recordings.

Overall, my diverse skillset allows me to create unique and innovative digital and physical solutions.


Audio Documents (Audocs)


EST. 2008 - Empowering Audio Upload, Storage and GO to market.

Developer - Audio Documents continues to revolutionize how artists market physical goods in digital realms. Production masters are the property of the client or user. All metadata, split sheets, masters or other information provided remain the owners property.



EST.2011 - DNLD DApp offers a marketplace for selling non-fungible tokens at fixed prices or through auctions.

Developer - DNLD DApp, A decentralised application operating autonomously through smart contracts. This includes 10 blockchains or other distributed ledger systems. Users can access their portfolio catalog through the DNLD DApp.

EST.2012 - Music Distribution, Logistics & Merchandise Fulfillment for Independent Artists & labels.

Co-Founder of FKACO, a music fulfillment service with product manufacturing for music merchandise. We sell independent label digital downloads, CDs, vinyl, DVDs, books, and other music merch. Including brick and mortar stores and other distributors.

21 Fortune Hills


EST.2019 - HA Brand & Designer Label for Abstract, Futuristic, Formline & Indigenous Art

Creative - The address where I stayed while studying in Malaysia was 21 Fortune Hills. This is where I launched the idea for the brand.



EST.2021 Post-modern Americana meets classic hip-hop. A full range of in-house audio production services including composition, arrangement, mixing, and mastering.

Creative - Beat-Maker and Producer Hasans’ Production house of Pleasure Mine Recordings - 0000 0004 6586 0976 (ISNI), Urban Sufi Music - Sesac - 364883 (Publisher number) & The Footprints Catalog.



EST.2022 - Catalog & iMprint from FKACO a music fulfillment service with product manufacturing for music merchandise.

Creative - Imprint and the catalog label of FKACO. Established by/for HA & his Pleasure Mine Recordings to release projects. Including; Past and Present music.



William Lamont Robinson dba Athar

Sole-proprietor is Arabic for Footprints; Athar Brand Creative Arthouse for Media Packaging Accessories, Gifts, Clothing & Memorabilia includes 21 Fortune Hills (design), Eastern Department (publishing) & Footprints (audio).


Urban Sufi Music - Sesac

Independent Publisher

October 2004 - present


Est.2004 as a Independent Music Publisher (SESAC).

Creative - Independent underground jazztronica, hip hop, abstract hip-hop, alternative rap, avant-garde, and post-modern americana music publisher formed in 2004.


National University

BA Global Studies

2014 - 2016

Matched practical knowledge with academic studies after returning to University in 2014

Preperation for Masters thesis and research in behavioral sciences


I’ve been a sole-proprietor and creative professional for over 25 years. As an Independent Music Publisher (with over 550 compositions published), Writer, Graphic Designer, and Music Producer. This includes over 25 years of practical B2B and B2C service knowledge. Products include Fine Art, Vinyl, CD and innovate USB-Albums and now NFTs. I gained practical knowledge from first-hand experience in Los Angeles and thru out the United States from 1997 to 2017. Matching this with academic studies and a return to University in 2014, to obtain a BA in Global Studies (Sept. 2016).

I have worked under contract at Apple Inc., on 3 separate occasions and as an Analyst for NTERONE. A technology-based education company from Reston, Virginia.

My favorite game is TETRIS & My Hobby is INPAINTING so much so that I forked these versions.